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Shounen no Abyss

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agehacho RecommendedPreliminary (42/? chp)This is my first review, so bear with me.

I’ve only read a quite few mangas before, and this manga is actually one of the few mangas that struck me real hard. The story starts off quite gloomy— and that itself has got me hooked in quite easily.

A story about a boy finding himself in chains and having no control of his life, the manga itself takes in many dark themes; depression, suicide, hopelessness. Add a sexual touch to it and good lord does it bite my feelings hard. The characters, you feel solace for them, even though whatever they did may not be justifiable from every perspective offered. I can literally feel the stress of whatever the main character has gone through, while still feeling the disarray of the characters surrounding him.
I relate to some of them quite strongly.

The art is also charming and pleasant. It emits tragedy, the void that the main character feels throughout the story.

This manga makes me feel empty, and I love it. It’s as if I had stepped in the main character’s shoes, the hollowness I feel is very much similar to his.

Sorry for the jumble of words, I tried my best to put my thought into this. Anyways, I definitely recommend this as it’s not a typical romantic manga (perhaps because I’ve been reading rom-com, haha), and is easily one of the most exquisite mangas I’ve found.Reviewer’s Rating: 9

Read Abyss Boy About

Read Abyss Boy Manga: Reiji Kurose was born in the countryside, and has spent his life believing he can never leave his town. He cannot leave his mother alone with his shut-in brother and demented grandmother, nor can he escape the clutches of Gen Minegishi, who keeps Reiji at his beck and call. In contrast, his childhood friend Sakuko Akiyama sees past the nothingness of their gloomy town and dreams of the chaotic glamor of Tokyo.

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